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Apple iPhone XS and XS Max review: Pricey but future-proof
2018-09-21T17:30:00Z - Chris Velazco / Engadget
A shared foundationFundamentally, the iPhone XS and the XS Max are the same phone — one of them is just bigger. This itself is interesting because in prior years, the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus had cameras with optical image stabilization, while the 7 Plus and 8 Plus had dual cameras. The Max holds no such advantage this year -- instead, the two phones share a long list of tweaks and improvements worth noting. My iPhone X suffered a few serious gouges soon after I started using it, but so far the XS phones have withstood the hellscape that is my backpack. Lastly, in addition to the usual 64GB and 256GB storage options, you can now get an iPhone XS with a whopping 512GB of storage.

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