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Swiping right on virtual relationships
2018-09-23T00:36:16Z - Kate Clark / TechCrunch
Swiping right on virtual relationships New tech will expand the horizons of sex and datingThere’s an episode in the latest season of the Hulu original series Casual, where the main character, Alex, tries his hand at dating in virtual reality. She’s the chief executive officer of Future of Sex, a podcast-turned-media company and sextech accelerator. Future of Sex has just released its inaugural report on virtual intimacy and plans to produce content on other topics at the intersection of technology and sex. VR is the future of couples therapyVR, Cole says, is a the forefront of the sextech industry’s transformation and if used correctly, can bolster relationships. Rodriguez is a close friend of Cole’s — the community is still small — and she’s appeared on the Future of Sex podcast.

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