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Did Thomas Kuhn Kill Truth?
2018-09-23T19:22:37.3010186Z - / Hacker News
Bill Pierce/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty ImagesDid Thomas Kuhn Kill Truth? By the last entry in “The Ashtray,” Morris seems convinced that we, like him, will detest anything stinking of Kuhn. Responding to a later article, Thomas Kuhn’s son Nat also demurred:There is apparently yet another Thomas Kuhn here, one I don’t think he would have ever anticipated: the Thomas Kuhn who threw the ashtray. The provocation would have had to’ve been pretty strong.”I would like to suggest that this proliferation of Kuhns — the violent Kuhn, the vehement but personable Kuhn, Kuhn the careful historian, Kuhn the reckless philosopher — is no fluke. Like his imaginary Kuhn, Morris wins the fight for truth only by getting the last word.

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