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Watchdog says face scanning at US airports is plagued with technical problems
2018-09-25T16:51:05Z - Zack Whittaker / TechCrunch
A watchdog report has warned that Homeland Security’s face scanning program, designed to track all departing travelers from the US, is facing “technical and operational challenges” that may not see the system fully working by the time of its estimated completion in 2021. The report by Homeland Security’s inspector general said that although Customs and Border Protection (CBP) was making “considerable progress” in rolling out the facial scanning technology, the program is dogged with problems. Currently in nine airports, the facial recognition program is set to be operational in the top 20 airports by 2021. “During the pilot, CBP encountered various technical and operational challenges that limited biometric confirmation to only 85 percent of all passengers processed,” the report said. Although the CBP disagreed, the agency said it would “develop an internal contingency plan” in case airlines and airports decline to help.

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