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Samsung says its foldable phone is also a tablet that fits in your pocket
2018-10-12T09:26:08Z - Jon Porter / The Verge
Samsung’s mobile head, DJ Koh, has given us a first glimpse of what the company’s long-awaited foldable phone will be like to use. Speaking to CNET, the executive said that while unfolded the device will offer the functionality of a tablet complete with multi-tasking and a big screen, but can then be folded into a portable phone. Huawei reportedly plans to release a foldable handset in limited quantities in 2019, and Lenovo and Xiaomi have also teased their own prototypes. A developer conference seems like an odd venue for Samsung to announce a product that’s been anticipated for so many years. And with the 10th anniversary of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones coming next year, the time is certainly right for Samsung to unveil a cutting-edge design.

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