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Half of all devices now run iOS 12
2018-10-12T13:50:58Z - Sarah Perez / TechCrunch
Half of all devices are now running the latest version of the iOS mobile operating system, iOS 12, according to figures shared by Apple. And iOS 12 adoption is taking place more quickly than the last release did, Apple also notes. According to Mixpanel’s findings, then roughly 47.6 percent of all iOS devices were running iOS 12, while 45.6 percent were running iOS 11. Apple’s data backs this up, too, showing iOS 12 at 53 percent on all devices introduced since September 2014, followed by iOS 11 at 40 percent, then the remaining 7 percent running an earlier version of iOS. In terms of all iOS devices, Apple’s figures are: iOS 12 at 50 percent, iOS 11 at 39 percent, with 11 percent running an earlier iOS version.

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