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With TodayTix Presents, TodayTix is starting to produce its own live shows
2018-10-12T14:49:19Z - Anthony Ha / TechCrunch
Mobile ticketing app TodayTix is getting into the show production business with the launch of a new program called TodayTix Presents. Instead, Fenty pointed to the TodayTix Live concert in Brooklyn last month as the first of these shows. And because these are small, one-off events, Fenty said they’re noc competitive with the big shows that TodayTix works with. “[Our partners] are doing longform, high-budget, highly developed shows that take years to develop and are fully baked,” he said. Fenty said “the cadence should roughly be a few events per quarter to start,” and that there will be shows across the service’s 13 markets.

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