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428: Shibuya Scramble review: the best crime book for your PS4
2018-10-12T14:17:50Z - Sam Byford / The Verge
If you’ve been following Japanese video games for a while, you’ve probably come across the magazine Weekly Famitsu at some point. With the possible exception of the surprising yet remarkably prescient Nintendogs review, none of the selections would shock a Japanese games fan: Ocarina of Time, Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy XII, and so on. But Spike Chunsoft has localized and released it for a Western audience on the PS4 and PC as 428: Shibuya Scramble, and I think anyone with an interest in Japanese games should play it. Chunsoft has been the most renowned visual novel developer in Japan for decades, and until recently, very few of these titles were released outside their home market. “The Danganronpa visual novel series far, far exceeded expectations and convinced us that there was a global market for such titles.

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