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YouTube is cracking down on creators who post duplicated content
2018-10-12T15:34:35Z - Bijan Stephen / The Verge
Now, YouTube has changed its Partner Program policies again — this time around video duplication, which, as is typical of YouTube, seems inconsistent in its enforcement. “If you upload content from multiple sources or repurpose existing content, you may still be eligible for YPP so long as you’re contributing to the value of that content in some way. And, as Mashable’s Matt Binder explained, duplicative content doesn’t actually violate YouTube’s site guidelines. “There’s been some confusion online over whether channels with duplicative content were being completely removed from YouTube,” Binder wrote. “Mashable has confirmed with the company that duplicative content only violates YouTube Partner Program policies.”If the comments below YouTube Jordan’s post are any indication, the duplicative content change has not gone unnoticed: hundreds of angry creators have taken issue with what they see as an opaque policy.

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