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These New Tricks Can Outsmart Deepfake Videos—for Now
2018-10-17T11:00:00Z - Sarah Scoles / Wired
And while it's not totally self-sufficient, with a little help, it gestates and gives birth to something new, something sufficiently real. Deepfake programs pull in lots of images of a particular person—you, your ex-girlfriend, Kim Jong-un—to catch them at different angles, with different expressions, saying different words. And that’s part of why Lyu’s research is funded, along with others' work, by a Darpa program called MediFor—Media Forensics. Say you have two collections: a bunch of real pictures, and a bunch of made-up representations from a particular AI. Social media can also, Turek points out, spread a story debunking a given video as quickly as it spreads the video itself.

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