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Legendary cypherpunk declares cryptocurrency is failing its creators
2018-10-19T11:14:39Z - Matthew Beedham / The Next Web
As cryptocurrency falls further into the hands of the mainstream, it falls further away from its creators, the cypherpunks. Earlier today, CoinDesk published an in-depth interview with Timothy May, one of the founding members of the cypherpunk movement. In the interview, May highlights how the ideology that spurred the creation of Bitcoin is slowly being eroded. When CoinDesk asked May if he thought Bitcoin has stuck to its cypherpunk roots, he replied it is far, far away. “What I see is losses of hundred of millions in some programming screw-ups, thefts, frauds, initial coin offerings (ICOs) based on flaky ideas, flaky programming, and too few talented people to pull off ambitious plans,” May told CoinDesk.

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