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Transferring Github stars 🌠 - Francisco Presencia
2018-10-22T03:08:05.2206198Z - / Hacker News
Transferring Github stars 🌠I recently changed the name of one of my projects and it dawned on me: it's probably possible to transfer Github stars! To + 440007a...a7d3bd6 master -> master (forced update)It works! To + a7d3bd6...440007a master -> master (forced update)Now we just have to change the headline in each repo, some info like the package.json github repo and we are ready to go. While there are some shady services to buy fake Github stars, with this exploit a company could just pay someone and get their repository with real user stars. Fortunately the value of Github stars is still fairly limited for this to be a valuable, but it seems like things might change in a future with too many repositories.

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