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Berlin, 1918–1919: Käthe Kollwitz, Witness to History
2018-10-23T13:54:41.739785Z - Daniel Schönpflug / Hacker News
At this point, the sculptor and graphic artist—the daughter of a bricklayer from Königsberg—is fifty-one years old and married to Dr. Karl Kollwitz. “That’s the way it truly was,” Kollwitz writes in amazement. “They will have to put down [the Spartacists] to get themselves out of this chaos, and to an extent they’re right to do that,” Kollwitz writes. On January 6, Käthe and Karl Kollwitz join masses of people who take to the streets in defense of the infant republic. In this sense, she, too, is a co-signatory to the pact that the new German republic has concluded with the devil.

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