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Why did the golden age of The Simpsons end?
2018-10-23T13:53:32.6313417Z - Nathan Cunningham / Hacker News
To examine this, I grabbed a list of all The Simpsons episodes, their writers, and their respective IMDb ratings. If you’re interested in how I got the data together then read on, otherwise you might be interested in my other Simpsons-related posts: When did the golden age of The Simpsons end? ), What is the best/most quotable Simpsons episode?, and Who is the main side character in The Simpsons? # Some rows don't have spaces between names # Identifying cases where two lower case letters are followed by an upper case # And placing a space before the upper case letter # Looking for two lower case letters to avoid names with 'Mc' ratings_df $ writer <- gsub ( "([a-z]{2,})([A-Z])" , "\\1, \\2" , ratings_df $ writer ) # Removing some additional non-name text as well as 'and' and '&' ratings_df $ writer <- gsub ( "and|&|Teleplay by. *:" , ", " , ratings_df $ writer ) # Removing footnote tags ratings_df $ writer <- gsub ( "\\[.

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