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Naya Health, once a promising breast pump startup, now leaving customers in the dark
2018-10-24T04:57:48Z - Catherine Shu / TechCrunch
Founded in 2013, Naya Health is one of the most notable tech startups working on a better pump. Several users have also complained on Naya Health’s Facebook page about non-delivery of pumps they ordered months ago. Naya Health’s Facebook and Instagram accounts haven’t been updated since summer, even though users are still posting complaints, while its Twitter account has been set to protected mode. An email sent to Alvarez, who co-founded the company with her husband Jeffery Alvarez, Naya Health’s CTO, received an auto-reply. TechCrunch has also contacted Naya Health investors Tandem Capital and Bojiang Capital, the co-leads of its seed round, for comment.

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