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Crossing the Sahara in the Fourteenth Century | François-Xavier Fauvelle
2018-11-15T13:38:26.204631Z - / Hacker News
Between mid-February and mid-April 1352, Ibn Battuta, the Moroccan traveler who delighted in exploring the whole of the Islamic world, crossed the Sahara. You would buy your camels at Sijilmasa, then let them fatten for four months, as Ibn Battuta did, so that they could handle the crossing. Two cousins, Ibn Ziri and Ibn Adi, were members of our Moroccan traveler’s caravan. “When the people encamped there was no news of him,” writes Ibn Battuta. “They said: ‘Yes, for them this is a great banquet.’ ”Such haughtiness prevented Ibn Battuta from seeing what was at stake around him.

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