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Recode Daily: Who will Facebook fire after a damning New York Times investigation?
2018-11-15T13:35:56Z - Recode Staff / Recode
[Sheera Frenkel, Nicholas Confessore, Cecilia Kang, Matthew Rosenberg and Jack Nicas / The New York Times][Want to get the Recode Daily in your inbox? [Lydia DePillis / CNN Business]LinkedIn expects to bring in roughly $2 billion from its media business — mostly via ad revenue — by the end of this fiscal year; that’s roughly half of owner Microsoft’s $4.16 billion in ad revenue. [Kate O’Keefe / The Wall Street Journal]Top stories from RecodeWho does Facebook fire after a bombshell New York Times investigation? It needs to compete with the free-by-default YouTube, he said on the latest episode of Recode Media. “Social Startup Success” author Kathleen Kelly Janus explains on the latest episode of Recode Decode.

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