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Google's Past Data Use Could Impede Its Healthcare Push
2018-11-15T22:21:57Z - Tom Simonite / Wired
Last week, Google hired veteran healthcare executive David Feinberg, who previously led Pennsylvania health system Geisinger, to unify its scattered health projects. In 2017, UK data regulator the Information Commissioner’s Office said Royal Free had breached the law by allowing DeepMind to use the data without appropriate patient consent, and providing a broader swath of data than justified. In the US and Europe, health data is subject to special protections that constrain moves like the one DeepMind announced Tuesday more difficult. Under UK data protection law, DeepMind is not the “controller” of the clinical data crunched by Streams, its partners are. Similarly in the US, the federal HIPAA law prevents organizations working with health data from arbitrarily adapting it to new purposes.

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