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Python has brought computer programming to a vast new audience
2018-11-17T03:52:58.1245945Z - / Hacker News
IN DECEMBER 1989 Guido van Rossum, a Dutch computer scientist, set himself a Christmas project. Nearly 30 years after his Christmas invention, Mr Van Rossum resembles a technological version of the Monty Python character who accidentally became the Messiah in the film “Life of Brian”. Mr Van Rossum, though delighted by this enthusiasm for his software, has come to find the rigours of supervising it, in his role as “benevolent dictator for life”, unbearable. Mr Van Rossum says that Python has become the language of choice for AI researchers, who have produced numerous packages for it. It is nevertheless true that, in that long-past Yuletide, Mr Van Rossum started something memorable.

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