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2018-11-17T07:52:58.0077654Z - ptresearch / Hacker News
Required SoftwareIntel System ToolsVulnerability INTEL-SA-00086 involves a buffer overflow when handling a file stored on MFS (the internal ME file system). So, for integrating our PoC you need Intel TXE System Tools version 3.x, which can be found online. Intel System StudioYou need to install Intel System Studio, a trial version of which can be downloaded from Intel site. Intel TXE FirmwareThe PoC targets Intel TXE firmware version FIT extracts different sections of the overall SPI image (SPI descriptor, UEFI/BIOS firmware, Intel ME firmware, and Unlock Token) when the image is opened and saves them in the folder *"image_name"/Decomp *.

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