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Reef review: Your new favorite family board game
2018-11-17T14:20:27+00:00 - Aaron Zimmerman / Ars Technica
Check out our complete board gaming coverage at cardboard.arstechnica.comAbstract, family-style board games are all the rage these days, and for good reason. Aaron ZimmermanAaron ZimmermanAaron ZimmermanAaron ZimmermanAaron ZimmermanAaron ZimmermanUnder the seaThe apotheosis of the form was arguably seen in 2014’s modern classic Splendor, an economic game about collecting satisfyingly hefty gem-styled poker chips. So when Next Move announced another abstract spatial puzzle game, Reef (this time by Century: Spice Road designer Emerson Matsuuchi) we were hoping for a second lightning strike. First, you get the plastic reef pieces shown on the top of the card from the central supply (they come in four colors). Replayability is good, though it feels more like you’re playing a game and less like you’re playing your opponents, as you do in Azul.

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