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Artifact beta: Learn how to play Valve’s first card game... and how to pay
2018-11-18T00:00:29+00:00 - Sam Machkovech / Ars Technica
Valve's next video game, a card-battling computer game called Artifact, will be a tricky one to review for a few reasons. But the bigger issue, for a review's sake, applies to any modern card game: cards, cards, cards. $1.99 nets you a card pack, which includes nine random cards and one "hero" set—which includes a hero card and any other cards that come with said hero. To review: every Artifact card deck requires five hero cards, and these, as seen in the tutorial, determine which kinds of cards you can play in a given lane. All hero cards come with at least one hero-exclusive card, which is always shuffled into your deck should you equip that hero.

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