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As the FDA moves to ban most flavored e-cigs sold in stores, Juul pushes back harder on copycats
2018-11-21T08:02:23Z - Connie Loizos / TechCrunch
Love Juul or hate it, you can probably appreciate why the e-cigarette company is frustrated. It has grown like gangbusters since the first Juul vaporizer was introduced in 2015, leaving competitors — including traditional tobacco companies with their own e-cigarettes — gagging on its smoke. As Bloomberg notes, the company also fired mirror lawsuits in eight district courts around the U.S., accusing companies of infringing on its patents. “I’ll switch to Juul’s tobacco flavor,” she told the outlet. Just like the kids will — they can always find a way.”You can check out the list of companies that Juul is newly going after here.

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