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Google Play is making all movie rentals $0.99 for Thanksgiving
2018-11-21T08:01:05Z - Chaim Gartenberg / The Verge
Thanksgiving is coming, and once you’ve finished your feast, what better way to relax than by fighting over a movie to watch with your family members while you digest? Luckily, Google is here to help (sort of): for Thanksgiving Day, all movie rentals available on the Play Store will cost $0.99, meaning that in addition to the nearly endless list of Netflix options for you to dither over, you now have almost every movie in existence to factor in to your post-meal marathon. to the Movies, and more. Additionally, Google is also offering a discount on Starz subscriptions for $5 per month for your first three months. For the full list of deals, check out the Play Store’s Cyber Week hub here.

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