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How to turn on your iPhone’s ‘Low Power Mode’ quickly and easily
2018-11-21T13:17:51Z - Callum Booth / The Next Web
This means I have Low Power Mode on the majority of the time, otherwise my phone wouldn’t make it to the afternoon. Waiting for the battery to hit 20 percent and getting a notification to turn Low Power Mode on just won’t cut it. Luckily though, we’re here to show you an easy way to turn Low Power Mode on and off. Step #2: select Control Center (or Control Centre if you’re in the UK)Step #3: go into Customize ControlsStep #4: click on the ‘plus’ icon next to Low Power ModeStep #5 (optional): organize where Low Power Mode shows up on the Control CenterYou can drag and drop where Low Power Mode will appear when you swipe up to summon Control Center. Step #6: swipe up to show Control Center and live your best Low Power Mode lifeSo, there you have it!

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