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Microsoft is euthanizing Windows 10 Mobile in 2019
2019-01-18T18:57:17Z - Napier Lopez / The Next Web
Just a few days after announcing it would stop supporting Windows 7 soon, Microsoft is sounding the death knell for another of its products: Windows 10 Mobile. Starting December 10, 2019 your devices will no longer be able to receive security or software updates on the OS, and Microsoft will no longer provide support should issues arise. It’ll provide a bit of extra time for backups and such after that date, but Windows Mobile is basically dead. Microsoft stopped working on Windows 10 Mobile back in 2017, and the company has instead focused on providing a series of tools for iOS and especially Android. It’s already built a mobile version of Edge, an Android launcher, Windows Timeline integration, Cortana, and more for team Android.

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