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A journey to the Disappointment Islands
2019-03-21T00:37:59.2414693Z - Andrew Evans / Hacker News
The name, now commonly listed as ‘Disappointment Islands’, sounded more like the title of some back-shelf Tintin comic than a real place on Earth. Peering down on Google Earth, the smaller of the two Disappointment Islands resembled a single-cell organism floating alone in the ocean. No hotels, no restaurants, no tourist industry – it sounded like paradise to meAnd yet, 254 years after Byron’s attempt, the Disappointment Islands still proved difficult to access. He called us ‘The Islands of Disappointment’, right?” He laughed, “I wish people knew the truth about this place. “But too often with history, foreigners are the ones holding the pen, hence a name like ‘The Disappointment Islands.’ But even Napuka and Tepoto are just nicknames.

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