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Windows Virtual Desktop now in public preview
2019-03-21T17:34:03+00:00 - Peter Bright / Ars Technica
Initially announced last September, Microsoft's Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) service has now entered public preview. The service brings together single-user Windows 7 virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and multi-user Windows 10 and Windows Server remote desktop services (RDS) and is hosted on any of Azure's virtual machine tiers. Microsoft is pricing WVD aggressively by charging only for the virtual machine costs; the license requirements for the Windows 7- and Windows 10-based services will be fulfilled by Microsoft 365 F1/E3/E, Windows 10 Enterprise E3/E5, and Windows VDA subscriptions. The virtual machine costs can be further reduced by using Reserved Instances that commit to purchasing certain amounts of VM time in return for lower pricing. FSLogix's software allows these things to be stored on separate disk images that are seamlessly grafted onto the deployed virtual machine.

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