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Tesla Sues Zoox Over Manufacturing and Logistics Secrets
2019-03-21T23:06:36Z - Aarian Marshall / Wired
On Wednesday night, Tesla sued four former employees and the self-driving startup Zoox for misappropriation of trade secrets. No, you're not having driverless-car lawsuit déjà vu—you're just remembering the time last year when Waymo and Uber settled their own trade secrets case after four days of trial. It alleges they forwarded the trade secrets to their own personal email accounts, or the accounts of other former Tesla employees. Tesla would not, however, have to prove that Zoox knew what its employees were doing; the law makes the company responsible for its employees’ actions. “Needless to say, Tesla’s confidential information is not safe in the hands of XMotors or its employees,” Tesla writes in the suit.

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