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GM investing $300 million to build a new electric Chevy in the U.S.
2019-03-22T15:24:55Z - Kirsten Korosec / TechCrunch
GM announced Friday it will invest $300 million into a Michigan factory to produce a new Chevrolet electric vehicle, reversing a decision to build the EV outside of the United States. GM isn’t revealing details about what the new electric vehicle will look like, cost, or any of its performance metrics. Other GM manufacturing plants adding jobs include Flint, Michigan; Spring Hill, Tennessee; Bowling Green, Kentucky; Arlington, Texas; and Toledo, Ohio. GM confirmed it has 2,700 openings across its U.S. manufacturing plants. To date, 1,100 employees have been placed at other GM plants, with several hundred more in the process of being placed in new jobs.

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