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Respondology helps brands and influencers hide toxic comments
2019-03-22T15:13:59Z - Anthony Ha / TechCrunch
“Don’t read the comments” is one of those cliches that sticks around because it’s still good advice — maybe the best advice. Instead, it’s launching a product called The Mod that allows individual brands and influencers to weed out toxic, trollish or spammy comments on Instagram and YouTube, rendering them invisible to most followers. The customer can decide which categories they want to filter out (“mild” or “severe” swearing, sexual references, racist remarks and so on), and they can also view and reinstate flagged comments from their Respondology dashboard. Each time, the comment was visible for just a few seconds before the Respondology system sprang into action and the comment disappeared. All of this activity remained hidden from my account, where it just looked like my comments had been published normally.

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