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Marvin Pipkin, inventor of the frosted light bulb
2019-03-24T03:37:10.2965066Z - / Hacker News
[1]Nela Operating Building factory, c. 1920Mid life [ edit ]Pipkin enlisted in the Army in Jacksonville, Florida, in November 5, 1917. He went on to make many innovations to the light bulb and two decades later developed the soft white light bulb. Besides the frosted light bulb, Pipkin invented or improved many other products during his career with General Electric, including the 100 watt Deluxe-White bulb of the soft light bulb series. [16]U.S. patents [ edit ]Later life and death [ edit ]Pipkin retired from the General Electric Nela Park laboratory in November 1954. [1]Society memberships [ edit ]Pipkin was a member of Tuscan Masonic Lodge, Knights of Pythias, and the American Chemical Society.

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