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Europe’s high-growth ecosystem is strong, and weathering global storms
2019-03-26T11:21:57Z - Mike Butcher / TechCrunch
Around 10 years of ecosystem development has left European high-growth companies in a much stronger position counter their global rivals, according to new research from the FT and Statista dubbed the FT 1000. And in the realm of tech startups, they continue to create the software which is, famously, eating the world. Despite trade wars, Brexit, and a European economic slowdown, tech companies in Europe are still thriving. Even as these incumbent businesses feel the headwinds of the real economy, tech companies are side-stepping them, whether it be via AI, automation or just sheer faster growth. However, European tech companies are also in an equally good place as concerns the hottest new technology trend such as the growing use of big data in fintech and healthcare, robotics and food delivery, AI and quantum computing.

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