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Memes Are in Danger, but This Chat App Is Saving Lives
2019-03-27T00:06:08Z - Alex Baker-Whitcomb / Wired
A voice chat app is saving lives in VenezuelaVenezuela used to have an anti-government newspaper, but that was until the government made it impossible for them to get enough paper to print. So Venezuelans have turned to the voice-chat app Zello to spread news, get basic needs, and coordinate aid amid the country's political and economic crisis. Mike Pence wants to send astronauts to turn ice into rocket fuelVice President Mike Pence said the US will be sending astronauts to the moon's south pole. Because there's tons of ice Pence says can be turned into life support and even rocket fuel. On one hand, tech companies are stepping in to help with problems like prevent premature births.

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